Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU)

PBU are preassembled off-site in factories, and usually come with finishes, sanitary wares, concealed pipes, conduits, ceilings, bathroom cabinets, shower screens and fittings etc. These complete units are simply installed into position at project site.

Reputable & Reliable Manufacturer

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We utilise proven precast concrete technology to manufacture PBU with main structural bodies which are highly durable.

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We remove the variables leading to delays and uncertainty in delivering quality products by:

Leveraging on our in-depth expertise for producing PBU off-site

Consolidating all the key trades under one roof and monitoring all processes

Accounting for all key design parameters

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Premium Quality

Our core team of specialised staff are highly trained in all aspects of PBU chain production and are focused on delivering PBUs that are of the highest quality.

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Technically Sound

Our technical expertise in PBU manufacturing is impeccable with the adoption of modern management systems.

We have the vision to continually improve on existing concepts and invent new ones.

We include proprietary features into our PBU for ease of installation onsite and are well-regarded by developers and contractors alike for our extensive experience and expertise.

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Cost-Effective & Customisable

We provide innovative solutions which are cost-effective and customisable in terms of fittings and materials, based on our customers’ requirements.

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